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Companion Care Services

Individuals who live alone often experience social isolation and feelings of loneliness. Companionship is a key part of senior and disability care, not just because companions provide assistance with daily tasks such as housekeeping and personal care, but also because they provide a meaningful human connection that greatly improves the quality of life.

Our companion caregiver takes time to listen and spend quality time with you. We also address non-medical, physical, social, and emotional needs. Our approach focuses on positive interaction and therapeutic communication to foster a positive relationship and enhance all dimensions of wellness. Home Care Pro’s trained companions come to you wherever and whenever you need it.

Loneliness has a negative effect on someone’s health; it deteriorates both your mental and physical state of being. This reason is why we offer companion care services.

We provide personnel that can help provide emotional support, socialization, and all form of companionship for your loved one.

The scope of services includes listening to anything our clients have got to say, interacting, and making them feel relieved by sharing their thoughts with someone. We also accompany them to social gatherings or any form of an outing, whether an official one or just a stroll to the park.

Our services have yielded great effects on the health of our past clients and we’re happy to be at the services of new ones.

We can be with you... We can drive you...

  • to personal engagements
  • doctor’s appointment
  • religious or culture event
  • shopping
  • everyday outings
  • Joyful Companionship

We do...

  • Meal prep
  • Laundry
  • Feeding
  • Assist in mobility

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Sunday: Available on request